With over 20 years of Little League® sponsorship, Honda is celebrating the Home Team—the parents and community members who help make it all possible.

Meet the Honda

It takes a home team to make every child's Little League® dreams come true. And from opening day to the final pitch of the Little League® World Series, every home team could use a little help. That's why we dreamed and designed the perfect minivan for Little League families everywhere. So no matter what stands between your little one and their next game, you can always save the day.

Watch the videos to find out how the Odyssey helps make every parent a home team hero.

"I Love You Mom"

featuring CabinWatch®


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All children should be able to experience the magic of Little League®. Since 1999, our Honda Grant Program has helped improve fields, replace equipment, and make repairs for leagues nationwide.

  • Nearly 1.3 million contributed over the last 17 years
  • Over 250 Little Leagues supported in 200 cities
  • Has Helped over 70,000 players, coaches and families enjoy their Little League seasons

If you want to help, or believe your league could benefit, we want to hear from you. To find out more about the Honda Grant Program, click below.


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